Refrigas co.

Distribution leader with own modern refrigerant transfer station.

The leader in the distribution of refrigerants in Poland and abroad.


Refrigas is part of Iglotech Group, established in 1993 for the comprehensive distribution of HVAC & R products.

Owing to its consistent policy, the Group has been constantly growing, and the high standard of its services is confirmed by ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certificates.

Refrigas co. is a professional and reliable supplier of refrigerants in Poland and also abroad (mainly in the European Union). Company’s prices are competitive, offer of refrigerant industry related products is abundant, and it is a trustworthy wholesaler. It sales only the highest quality products and, to cater to Refrigas customers’ expectations, consequently expands their products line. Refrigas professionalism is proved by the fact that it strictly adhere to European standards for sourcing and distribution of refrigerant gases, as well as refrigerant storage regulations.


Refrigas’ mission is to consequently improve communication with customers, constantly search for the best solutions, strive for self-improvement, offer the best products for sale and deliver them in the shortest possible time, while maintaining the highest standards of service.


Refrigas as one of the distribution leaders has its own modern refrigerant transfer station.

The refrigerant transfer station is located in the Kwidzyn factory. Material is stored there in 25 m³ tanks. The advanced transfer technology and highly developed distribution network allow reaching a abundant customer base.

One of the plant components that ensures air conditioning and refrigeration systems’ stable operation and the highest refrigerant quality is the returnable packaging cleaning station. This is where cylinders are thoroughly cleaned, their tightness checked, and the product protected to maintain its best properties.

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