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The trade which is using refrigerants is the automotive. Therefore, Refrigas directs its offer to service station and companies care for refill of refrigerant . To meet the requirements of its customers, the company makes every effort to ensure that the refrigerants delivered to customers are supreme quality and conform to ecological standards.

The offer for the industry includes

  • R134a
  • R1234yf

Air conditioning

With a broad range of refrigerants, Refrigas supplies air conditioning installers. An abundant range of factors includes:

  • R410A
  • R32
  • R407C

In addition to refrigerants Refrigas offers cylinders and containers.


The refrigeration industry is one of the largest recipients of refrigerants. Refrigas is constantly adapting to all EU refrigeration regulations to show its professionalism and reliability. Regardless of the size of the recipient’s needs.

The offer dedicated for refrigeration includes:

  • R404A
  • R507
  • R449Av
  • R452A
  • R407H

Due to the mixed needs of customers, the company operates with different sales volumes. By adapting to the quantities bought by customers, Refrigas offers the product:

  • in company packaging directly for installers
  • in tonk-tank packaging for large distributors
  • in packages signed for wholesalers